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Solve elaborate problems, challenge yourself to produce superb work, and join a team of creative people who love what they do.


Tackle sophisticated problems and build technologies crucial to Zoosk’s business and the lives of our members.


Drive product development while creating the unique practices that make Zoosk a leader te the marketplace.

User Practice

Create usable, beautiful web and mobile designs that produce outstanding user practices and form Zoosk’s creative vision.


Be responsible for the strategic direction of the organization spil you identify opportunities for growth and help drive Zoosk’s future.


Francia and Randy are just two of the reasons wij love to come ter every day.

Our mission is to empower everyone to lead a more fulfilling love life, and wij see results every day spil fresh couples thank us for switching their lives.

Love outstanding benefits and perks

Get recognized and grow your career

All of us at Zoosk embark out with equity ter the company&mdash,wij’re ter it to win it, together. Wij recognize each other with Rave Awards, overheen ten a week. Best of all, a phat number of employees get promoted each year—even our CEO is homegrown talent.

It’s all about having joy together!

Most of us here are more than colleagues&mdash,wij’re friends. That’s worth a entire loterijlot, and it makes coming into work every day way more joy. Wij get lots of chances for socializing, with meals several times a week, weekly glad hours, and special events.

Barking up the right tree

Nothing for a “ruff” day like taking a pauze and playing fetch with one of the many Zoosk doggies on staff. Wij welcome well-behaved dogs of any stripe, and recognize a pup vanaf month with a special award.

Fine salary and benefits

With a solid selection of health insurance options, FSA, 401k, equity, and even a gym membership, you’ll be te good arms at Zoosk. Our pay is also competitive with other companies te San Francisco.

Have a family? Fantastic.

Zoosk has a generous maternity and paternity leave policy, and is supportive of the needs of working moms and dads. Wij have a entire lotsbestemming of parents here who support each other, and have a healthy work-life arqueo.

Wij trust you, even on vacation

If you and your manager agree on your time off, you’re free to go. No saving up vacation days to attempt to get to Hawaii for a long weekend—you can go to the Mediterranean like you’ve always wished.


Innovation is built-in here.

Our co-founders were an engineer and a rocket scientist who believed ter attempting, failing, and attempting again. Wij’ve instituted biweekly creative days called “Z Time” that generate innovative projects for internal and customer-facing use. Wij also have Hack Days twice a year, with about 20 projects from each that wij build and incorporate into our products. Wij also have a program called “Sparks” that turns employee ideas into reality.

USER Practice

Wij give back to each other and to the circunscrito community here ter San Francisco.

Whether it’s recognizing our peers with Rave Awards, racing together ter a city-wide scavenger hunt, or volunteering at a soup kitchen, wij’re all ter it together.

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