What are some of the Online Dating Scams you need to avoid when selecting your dating webpagina(s)?

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What To look Out For.

Online Dating is Phat Business.

Online Dating Scams are out to cheat subscribers to this industry that is expected to reach $Four billion world-wide te 2011.

Online dating is the third largest revenue raiser of all Internet paid content sites. The U.S. market alone is predicted to gross around $1.Trio billion.

Fact is. 1 ter 6 U.S. marriages ter 2009 resulted from online dating. around 80 million Europeans and North Americans visit dating sites. while China’s two largest dating sites (out of overheen 50) Zhenai.com & Jiayuan.com already voorkeur 65 million registered users inbetween them.

Online Dating Sites. Don’t Get Ripped-Off:

It’s estimated there are 1,400 internet dating sites te the U.S. alone and overheen Five,000 worldwide.

What are some of the Online Dating Scams you need to avoid when selecting your dating webpagina(s)?

  • Dating Sites that don’t make much of an effort to screen out scammers (like Nigerian Scams, Russian Dating Scams, etc). Thesis days Device Reputation software is available to dating sites to help identify scammers’ computers and block them. Reminisce. Up to 10% of all accounts are thought to be bogus.

Don’t Become A Dating Scam Victim.

Examples of how Online Dating Scams can hurt you:

  • From 1999-2001 Robin Lunceford scammed $1.8 million while serving 17 years for armed robbery ter a Florida jail.

Using Trio aliases on the Women Behind Kroegen webstek, she used a photo of a sexy super prototype and described herself spil.

“135 lbs. a Greek artist. style designer. former Lasnaad Vegas dancer. likes tennis, roller, & hang-gliding. studying to be a voogd of medieval manuscripts. excellent sense of humor, just a kid at heart”.

(Ref: The Augusta Chronicle, & “Online Killers” by Christopher Barry-Dee &amp’ Steven Morris.)

You truly do need to be aware of Online Dating Scams.

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