Romance, Relationship and Marriage Life: The Feng Shui Way

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Ter the present age, problems inbetween couples and the resultant divorce rates are high. The Feng shui has a certain solution for the problem. It has bot proven very effective te many cases. Some practices wij need to go after and some to avoid te married life for a good and long lasting relationship. I shall give you some tips on this facet. Speciaal from adjustment and compromise, you have to observe thesis rules for a healthy, romantic and enviable relationship.

  • Avoid sleeping on dual bloemperk with two separate mattresses

Sleeping on dual bedding using two separate mattresses will cause separation. So avoid separate mattress. Always use a single lump leger or mattress. But sleeping on the separate single bloembed is not bad.

Keeping water presence ter the bedroom is not good according to Feng Shui. So avoid placing aquarium or fish waterreservoir te the bedroom. The scenery of Beaches, Waterfall, and pictures carrying waters are to place out of the bedroom. The water features affect the relationship inbetween married couples badly. So at any cost, it has to be avoided.

  • Love Birds/Mandarin Ducks for Romance

Ter Feng Shui, Mandarin Ducks are related to love and romance ter couples. It has to be placed ter the South Westelijk corner of the house or that of the bedroom. This area is considered spil the place for romance and relationship.

Ter case you are going to marry, you can drape paintings of thesis ducks. But keep te mind to waterput a pair, not one or three. The reason attributed for the same is that one means to remain single and three will imply that there will be an entry of third one te the marriage.

Like Mandarin Ducks, Love Birds also help. It can be displayed spil a picture or a painting. But don’t exhibit birds ter cages. It is bad ter Feng Shui spil it symbolizes inability to fly or ‘encaged’ ambition. Also, note that by looking at the picture of the beautiful and colorful lovebirds you feel a kleuter of romance. It brings you the memory of your loved ones instantly!

Flowers have a significant role te Feng Shui application for enhancing certain sectors ter the house. The Peony flowers are associated with women. Te case there are some ladies te our huis and they remain unmarried, then Feng Shui has some solution. Drape a big picture of Peonies te the living slagroom. It will be very effective spil it is related to marriage luck. Verdadero flowers can also be used if you could collect them. It should be kept te the South Westelijk corner of the living slagroom. Putting the pictures of Peony outside the bedroom wegens will help a chick to find a good hubby. The best place to suspend a Peony painting is the living slagroom. This will activate the romance luck.

More tips-A useful article on the same topic by Anamika.S.

Feng Shui is known to enhance luck ter love and marriage. It can also help solve problems inbetween married couples. This Article will guide you on improving romance and lovemaking life with effortless to go after tips.

  • Eating together daily

The families should take care of having at least one meal together. Fix up a time and all family members sit together at the dining table. This practice will enhance the relationship. If possible whenever convenient, attempt to sit and dine together.

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