An empty Bumble claw spel became a sad metaphor for online dating

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Online dating is hard. Wij get it. There are uncountable tweets about the difficulties of finding an internet soulmate, and a entire subreddit dedicated to telling the worst dating stories. Wij’ve even written numerous lists, articles, and opinion chunks about the fights of finding love through an app.

But nothing finta encapsulates the online dating practice like this photo of a sad claw spel machine, branded with Bumble’s logo and colors. Writer Hannah Murphy snapped a picture of the spel, emptier than all of Twitter’s dating prospects.

This bumble claw crane with no prizes is a chilling metaphor

— Hannah Murphy (@dumb_hannah) May 30,

Murphy called the prizeless machine a “chilling metaphor,” and is there anything more relatable?

Twitter users and fellow members of the Lonely Hearts Club agreed to use the photo spil defense against nosy friends.

Going to vertoning this to every person who says “you just have to get back out there.”

— Catherine Elizabeth (@ceemohre) May 31,

While some people took a more positive treatment, others used the chance to trash Bumble’s rival dating apps.

The vivo prize wasgoed inwards you all along.

— Your Fresh Friend Tim James (@TimJamesAuthor) May 31,

Just needs a tinder branded crane spel next to it that’s just utter of rocks

Darth, one of Twitter’s most beloved Photoshopping gods, even edited their alteración into the machine — and if you have any practice with dating apps, Darth’s picture is a pretty accurate portrayal of what swiping is like.

“attempt online dating. they said”

Albeit the Bumble social media team reached out for details, ventilatoren of the empty claw machine begged them to leave the unintentional statement kunst spil is.

no this is volmaakt for our time pls do not “fix” what is not violated

— Bethania Palma (@bethaniapalma) May 31,

Bumble often hosts pop-up spaces with yellow themed activities, which is very likely where the sad, desolate machine came from. Most recently, a three-month event known spil the “Bumble Hive” took place te Los Angeles, inviting active Bumble users to zekering by for drinks, networking opportunities, and chance to win a prize from Bumble’s claw machine.

Bumble hasn’t responded to requests for comment yet — hopefully the company has a more positive outlook on their dating app than this claw machine shows.

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