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Relationship consultant with Dip.Couns and EQ-i diplomas. Emotional proximity accomplished and a matchmaker for 15 years for successful and discerning singles.

I’ve studied CBT, worked spil an agony aunt for an online UK organization for the under 25’s suggesting advice and guidance on anything from lovemaking to sometimes very sensitive family situations. Published two books, bot a guest speaker on Big black cock radiodifusión eleven times advising on relationships, written numerous articles for women’s magazines and more recently supplied research for St.Andrews University which wasgoed published by the university te .

Public schoolgebouw educated te London and Sussex coming from a military background with a traditional family upbringing. I believe wij are only here for a brief time, so whatever you take out of life, always give TWICE spil much back, feed the soul, make a difference to others, don’t be materialistic, be blessed and content with yourself, don’t seek the limelight, always be zuigeling to those who have no voice to protect themselves, live your life with integrity..and good will go after you!

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Relationship communication style. what is yours?

Do you consider yourself a good communicator, have your everzwijn overlooked a text, email or just stopped communicating with someone abruptly without an explanation whilst dating?

How to choose a GOOD Dating Agency

A guide to &quot,dating agencies&quot, what to ASK, the difference inbetween a dating and matchmaking service and if you’re seeking a serious relationship, who YOU choose will ultimately determine the outcome!

MARRIAGE OR COHABITATION your checklist before committing!

Here’s a guide on what to look for BEFORE you stir te or MARRY and the signs that says it will never work..

Very first DATE? never talk about Lovemaking

Unless you’re meeting someone from! Something the 30+ woman too often practices when seeking a serious relationship. Here’s the Ten deadly mistakes Fellows should avoid..

Improve Your Love Life ter Five Steps

Still find yourself single? Dating the same zuigeling of people overheen and overheen can improve your chances of a serious relationship ter five steps.

Studs who can’t COMMIT!

Most women have or will date such a man. SIGNS: HE’s indeed keen at very first, is attentive, insists you’re the one, YOU fall for him, he then becomes distant, cold or even vanishes..YOU feel confused!at

Why I LOVE such a desired milestone!

Because for all the fears of becoming involved, hurt or rejected it’s the time wij become the most fair, open and willing to share all wij have with another human being..emotionally and physically.

For the BEST Hook-up Everzwijn Emotional Closeness is’s why!

Hookup without a connection, is just lovemaking, it fulfills a need..a function, ter fact not too dissimilar to a beautifully packaged bounty tied with silk ribbons and bows only to detect it’s empty!

SUCCESSFUL women don’t attract HUSBANDS..but why!

It’s the 21st Century and wij have a society more equal than everzwijn before, but SUCCESSFUL WOMEN are finding it tighter than everzwijn to FIND a Hubby.

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