Somethings I Remembered About IBM That Is No More

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Jack is presently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for overheen 28 years.

The IBM Pavillion


I am an IBMer and very likely will always be one. That is what wij called a person who works at IBM. Even tho’ I left IBM 15 years ago, I still feel connected to it. I worked at IBM during its haydays. This article wasgoed inspired by a friend who I ran into recently. He began his career at AT&T and ended the last few years at IBM before retiring. He wasgoed tellling mij about his practices. There are some traditions and practices I reminisce that are no more. Time marches on.

updated Feb. after receiving comments from Greenburgh Writer’s Group.

Some IBM Traditions

My love affair with IBM began ter 1964, at the World’s Fair te NYC. I wasgoed only 13 then and it wasgoed amazing to see the IBM pavillion. It wasgoed shaped like an egg with the classic IBM logo all overheen it. It wasgoed so advanced and utter of fresh technology that you can sense the future right there. My one célebre ogenblik wasgoed eyeing a demonstration of the doorslag dating technology that wasgoed developed at that time. A lump of wood wasgoed placed ter a chamber and after a few moments of analysis, a printout came out of the laptop telling the approx. date of the voorwerp Te question. It wasgoed total of promise and I wasgoed affected and just knew that better days were ahead.

My next connection with IBM came ter my junior year at CCNY. I took a class ter pc science 101 and wij had to learn to program an IBM 360 system using punch cards. I would carry the deck of cards ter my pocket, feed it into the reader and waited a day for the output to print out. If a mistake wasgoed made, it takes another day to fix and rerun the job.

Sadly, here are some traditions at IBM that are no more.

  • IBM Clubs
  • IBM Quarter Century Club
  • Silver spoons
  • Family Day
  • IBM Holiday Party
  • Defined Benefit Pension project
  • IBM Kunst Gallery
  • IBM Palisades Conference Center
  • IBM Award Recognition Dinner
  • Three Basic Beliefs
  • IBM Song – Everzwijn Onward

Michael C. Fina Co.

My Memories of Past.

Many IBM locations had a nearby Country club facility. Some includes a vloedgolf course, bowling ally, swimming pool and other recreational facility. It cost very little to join and it wasgoed available to the family members spil well. Te latest financial difficulties, and cut backs, thesis places were sold off.

Becoming a Quarter Century Club member wasgoed a actual honor. It meant you have worked for 25 years for IBM, a good chunk of one’s professional career. Receiving a gold witness, a plaque and $1000 check and a luncheon wasgoed all par for the course. Ter , the only thing that survived is a luncheon.

When my kids were born, wij would receive a silver spoon with the very first name engraved ter the mail. It wasgoed a welcomed verrassing. The message wasgoed you are part of the IBM family. Congratulations on a fresh addition.

Every summer, a day wasgoed set aside for families. A picnic at a regional vertier park where all the rails are free and foods and drinks are free.

Christmas holiday wasgoed very special for all the kids. Santa will be there to take photos and arm out fucktoys for all kids under 12 years of age. Cookies and refreshments for all.

It wasgoed a different era and a different work climate. Wij were expected to work our entire career ter one company and wij were part of a family. To some. It wasgoed described spil a cult, but ter a good way. Wij were instructed to behave te a certain way and dealt with our customers ter a certain way and conduct business te a certain style. The Watsons were very rigorous and no alcoholic liquor wasgoed permitted ter any business function even ter a company party. Customer Service personnel had to wear white shirts and a tie when at customer sites.

If you walk into an IBM building and walk past the cubicles, it is not unusual to find the IBM Motto “Think” on the desks.

It is sad for mij to know that the culture I wasgoed normal with is no more.

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