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Got questions? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Militar Questions

What is Stitch?

Stitch is a community for adults 50 years and overheen helping them find the companionship they need. For some people this might be a romantic fucking partner, for others it could just be a friend. Stitch recognizes that there are many different types of companionship, and that the need for companionship doesn’t go away spil wij age.

What do you mean by companionship?

Companionship includes the entire spectrum of introducing someone fresh into your life. This can mean a friend who also likes to go ballroom dancing. It can also mean a casual dinner date, that may or may not turn into something more. Perhaps you are looking for a compatible companion who wants to travel to the same places and share rooms to save money.

Companionship covers friends, marriage, and everything ter inbetween.

How is Stitch different from online dating?

There are many online dating sites available today, such spil Match, e-Harmony and Zoosk (to name but a few). Te fact, it has bot reported that there are overheen 11,000 dating sites worldwide!

The problem is that not a single one of thesis sites truly caters to the needs of mature adults. Spil wij all know, spil people age, their needs, wants and desires become very different from what they were when they were junior. Yet every dating webpagina today is built around the same assumptions & modelled on how youthful people date and look for love.

What’s more, the vast majority of dating sites today are what are called “white-labelled” solutions, which means that they are te reality just different branded versions of the same product. This ter itself is not so bad, but it means that each webpagina, no matter how puny, is packed with large populations of “undesirable” characters, who aren’t necessarily very fair about who they are or what they’re looking for. Te the worst cases, some of thesis are scammers looking to exploit débil, lonely adults: wij’ve bot told dozens of stories from our members being scammed on other sites.

That’s why wij don’t actually call Stitch a “dating site”. Sure, many of our members go on dates, but wij’re much more than that. And one of the largest differences is that so much of what happens te the Stitch community is created by the wonderful contributions of our members. Spil a grassroots member-based community created by members for members, wij think this difference is very significant.

Te fact, wij think it’s so significant that wij wrote an article about it titled “What is Stitch, exactly?”. Why don’t you have a read and let us know what you think?

Can I join Stitch if I’m married?

Yes, wij invite married and taken adults who are looking for non-romantic activity playmates. If you are married and are looking for an activity companion, you can find one on Stitch. Wij have many Stitch members who have spouses who can no longer go out to dinner or go skiing, and they would like to find a non-romantic companion to do that with.

Where is Stitch presently available?

Stitch is available anywhere you have internet access! Having said that, the Stitch web webpagina and iPhone and Android apps are still only ter English, so the majority of our members are ter places like the United States, Australia, UK and Canada. It’s significant to note, however, that Stitch is a completo community, and wij have many instances of people who live te countries all around the world joining Stitch spil a way to get connected with people for travel companions, group and one-on-one conversations, and even long-distance relationships. So even if Stitch is only getting began ter your area, you can still find ways of making companions through the Stitch community.


What platforms does Stitch Support?

Stitch is presently available via the web, where wij support all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer Ten and straks). Wij also have a Stitch app for iOS and Android which you can find ter the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store by searching “Stitch Companionship”.

What languages does Stitch Support?

At the uur Stitch is only available ter English. If you would like to see Stitch available ter other languages and would like to help with translation, please let us know!

How do I sign up?

You can register for Stitch by clicking here and packing out your profile.


How much does Stitch cost?

Stitch is a membership-based community, built by members for members, and is sustained through membership fees. Wij have three membership types, which can be selected on either a monthly or annual onderstel. Thesis are:

– Basic membership, which is free

– Community-only membership, for $80 vanaf year

– Premium membership, which includes all aspects of the Stitch community plus extra profile browsing, from $Nineteen vanaf month. More details on thesis membership plans, including pricing for non-US currencies, can be found here (registration to Stitch required).

Safety, Security & Privacy

Is Stitch safe?

While no dating webpagina could everzwijn ensure anything 100% about the people you meet on it, safety & security is a fatter concentrate for Stitch than any other dating & companionship webpagina on the planet. The reason for this is plain: time and again, trust, honesty and safety have come up ter the discussions wij have had with our membes about what they’re looking for from Stitch.

This means wij are taking steps to ensure that Stitch is spil safe, secure and private spil it can possibly be.

This starts with the private nature of Stitch itself: Stitch is not a public webstek, which means that nobody can Google you or find your profile on the Internet. And unlike social networks like Facebook or Google+, wij never share any of your personally identifiable information publicly. But when it comes to safety, thesis steps are only the beginning. It’s the steps wij are taking with the Stitch service itself which sets it bijzonder from any dating webpagina ter existence.

Sounds interesting. Tell mij more.

All of the capabilities wij’re building with Stitch are based on the terugkoppeling wij’ve received from our users about the problems they’ve encountered with other dating sites te the past. The thickest area of terugkoppeling wasgoed about how unlikely it is to trust anyone on most dating sites.

So with Stitch wij’ve taken the treatment that the only thing wij accept is 100% honesty. Here are some of the ways wij ensure you not only get the person you expect, but can stay safe and secure when you’re still getting to know a potential companion:

  • Wij provide total identification verification
  • Wij only permit you to upload photos through Stitch
  • Wij provide a private and secure communications service which lets you talk to a potential companion without needing to give them your individual voeling information until you’re absolutely ready

Getting Help

Where can I find help?

The fantastic Stitch customer support team is always glad to help response any questions you may have, whether they’re to do with technical issues, payments or how Stitch works. Just send us an email to and wij’ll get back to you spil soon spil wij can!

How do I submit terugkoppeling?

Wij’re always impatient to receive terugkoppeling, whether it’s positive, negative or suggestions for improvement: just send us an email to .

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