Life With Duanes Syndrome, Positives, Negatives, and What I – m Doing About It

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My Name is Catherine I am a tiener that has had Duanes Retraction Syndrome since i wasgoed diagnosed at Eighteen months old. Im presently a collegium student and a bowler. I worked spil a waitress which many people notice my eye. My Duanes Retraction Syndrome affects my left eye. It can not budge left ter any way. When I look to the left I do see Dual.

Duanes Syndrome is an eye condition. I don’t want to give a long history of the syndrome because im hoping most everyone reading this already knows something about it. But if you don’t it is an eye condition which some people believe the eyes are missing certain muscles it needs to budge, while others believe that it is the presente nerves that connect the eye and the muscles that do not work or are missing. There are a few different types of Duanes Syndrome. The kleuter I have is called Duanes Retraction Syndrome. The number I have bot able to find is that every year 54 people te the world are born with Duanes Retraction Syndrome.

Most optomologist say it is caused by elevation switches te the mothers womb while pregnant. Meaning that if the mother wasgoed traveling via plane a lotsbestemming or spend extended periods of time is severely different elevations it causes this to toebijten. My mother lived ter Maryland, a very low state. However she spent a while traveling with work taking hier to the westelijk coast. Where the elevation is higher. It is not hier fault, mothers are not warned that this could toebijten, and it does not toebijten to everyone.

My left eye is the eye affected, spil you can see from the pictures. But Duanes Retraction Syndrome means that when I budge my right eye ter a way my left can not go after it retracts into my eye socket, making it emerge smaller or my eye lids look pointy. This is the thickest problem I have with my eye. It is totally the most noticably part, and effects every picture im ter and how I look.

It has yet to affect my bowling, but I played softball for ten or eleven years. And I had to do things a little differently like standing broader and opened when I wasgoed batting.

Recently I graduated high schoolgebouw. My problem has 100% affected mij ter high schoolgebouw. Elementary Schoolgebouw wasgoed hard but with everyone being so youthful it wasgoed very effortless to get through looking back on it. However every year I had to bring a doctors note ter telling that I indeed have a legit problem and that I needed to sit on the Left forearm side of the slagroom because I could not look Left. And Ter Elementary schoolgebouw I had a schoolgebouw nurse say that my eye problem wasgoed something other then what it indeed wasgoed and it wasgoed very hard for my parents and I dealing with hier to straighten things out.

Ter Middle schoolgebouw, things were a little different. I still had to bring te a note for all of my classes so I could sit on the left side of the class slagroom. However, the name calling did get worse. It wasgoed difficult to overeenkomst with the name calling. But high schoolgebouw wasgoed the worst. Because by that time I had bot ter schoolgebouw with the same people for finta a few years now, and everyone knows the problem but reject to understand it so they choose to be ignorant and mean. However my friends and my mom have always bot there for my eye problem.

From my problem I see a special eye doctor, Im the only patient he has that has my syndrome. 🙂 So when I do see him my appointments are longer so wij can talk about my syndrome. I always sob when he tells mij there is no treatment.

I can totally say that having this had made mij who I am today. Sometimes Its good and sometimes bad. Im proud to say that I am different from everyone else. But sometimes its the very first thing people notice sometimes it isn’t. But I have to tell them because it has to come out eventually. Sometimes people are nice and say they dont notice but thats not true. It has makes mij feel embarrassed te vooraanzicht of some people tho’.

To everyone that I have read about that wasgoed able to have surgery to help them with their eyes. I am so glad for you and im jealous. There is no treatment for people like mij and hopefully because people with DS have bot able to be treated maybe sometime soon DRS will have a cure too.

I have always remained positive via dealing with this. And a lotsbestemming of negative things have happened. I reminisce the stress of attempting to get my liscense and having to hide it from the dmv. There is nothing I can do about this and there is no cure te the near future. But that has not slowed mij down. I am permanently reading and researching about DS so I can inform people lighter. Until there is a cure for DS and DRS I will be researching and informing people of the truth.

Im glad I am the way I am. Sometimes my mom tells mij that when I wasgoed junior I would just stand te gevelbreedte of the mirror and attempt to budge my eye, and sometimes I thought I eyed it stir. I would get so excited but she never had the heart to tell mij that it couldnt.

Please email mij at [email protected] if you have any questions, would like extra information or just talk. I check it frequently so i will get back to you!

and just reminisce. Wij ARE ONE OF A Kleuter! &lt,Three

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