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Economics of Online Dating

If one’s self-perception is one thing, it can be difficult to cross that out. Along those lines of economic mindset, I’m wondering how else it helps give you an edge.

I think there are a few elementary principles that economics would provide for you. They’re not earth-shattering, but they’re certainly helpful.

Economics of Online Dating: Thick Market

One of them is to think about where you can find a big market for the type of person you’re looking for. It’s what an economist would call, “looking for a thick market.”

What you want to do is think about whether you would rather be on or on some little regional dating webpagina, because the choices are going to be much greater.

Economics of Online Dating: Niche Markets

Having said that, you’re focusing on a market that is a little more directed at a certain type of consumer.

There are all thesis niche dating sites that fail the basic idea of having the thickest market possible.

I think a loterijlot of those smaller sites are fated to fail. They take so many potential mates out of the market that I think they’re going to be very problematic and most people won’t do it.

How do you describe your market? Is it Southeast Asian?

Yes, let mij clarify. Our talents ter terms of our matchmaking is South Asians, predominately Indian-American.

I will say that our listeners span all US cities, and wij speak to all of those cities.

Economics of Online Dating: Niche Yet Thick

I’ll just use the South Asians spil an example. Suppose you were only interested ter dating South Asians.

That’s actually a market where you can imagine a webpagina that’s focused on just that niche te the market surviving. You see a few of thesis niche sites sustain because the critical mass is thick enough te that market alone for it to work.

If a loterijlot of the people who are ter that market believe someone else being from that same market is a deal-breaker, then thesis sites can sustain.

Economics of Online Dating: Market Example

A indeed good example is It’s a very successful webpagina oriented towards the Christian world.

The reason that it takes away from my point before about wanting the largest market possible, and the reason they’re able to get away with it, is that they are a very big market and that’s a deal-breaker for many people.

Economics of Online Dating: Largest Market

The basic principle is to go to the largest market spil possible.

If you want to limit what you’re looking for, attempt to do it ter ways where there’s a still a very big pool of those types of people.

Limiting yourself to Christians and South Asians is okay.

Economics of Online Dating: Limitations

Limiting yourself to gluten-free people, well that’s something you might want to reassess spil to whether or not that makes a lotsbestemming of sense.

I think you make a fine point and that’s very consistent with what you’ve said before ter terms of deal-breakers with religion.

Look for the largest schoolgebouw of Christians you can anywhere.

There is another chunk of advice that might not seem like it’s economics, but to mij it is. It is very helpful to mij and many others.

Economics of Online Dating: Profile Assumptions

What you need to ask yourself is what you’re not eyeing on the online dating webpagina, but what people are assuming about your profile when they look at it that you haven’t said.

I’ve looked at people’s profiles who want to indicate that they’re very fun-loving, but if you do that ter a certain way, people will assume that you’re not serious at the same time.

Anyone who wants a serious relationship will be shoved away.

You have to vaivén the joy frente a serious cautiously because people will do what wij call, “statistically discriminate.” They’ll assume certain attributes about you if you don’t specifically address them if you have certain other attributes.

Economics of Online Dating: Profile Example

Another good example of this is my own example. I wasgoed separated rather than divorced when I began online dating.

That made mij less popular than I would’ve bot spil a result. It’s thesis assumptions that people make about you based on your profile that you indeed want to address ahead of time.

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