Will Trump finish his term spil Voorzitter of the United States of America? Why or

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Will Trump finish his term spil Voorzitter of the United States of America? Why or why not?

Donald John has a much better slok at remaining &quot,DISHONESTY Free&quot, for a 24 hour period, and wij all know that’s an IMPOSSIBILITY

&quot,Delusional Donald&quot, is ter Disturbance of OUR Constitution which is now at &quot,Code Crimson Laagconjunctuur Level&quot,, has pledged his ALLEGIANCE Two a Foreign Adversarial POWER namely RUSSIA, has implanted what clearly emerge Two be &quot,SUBVERSIVE & Disruptive Foreign Operatives&quot, such spil Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Tom Price, Rex Tilerson etc with a foot purpose Two &quot,UNDERMINE & Subvert&quot, the United States of AMERICA

And that’s just the &quot,Peak of the ICBERG&quot,

No, I don’t think he will finish. I understand that El Chapo waterput out a succesnummer on &quot,Mr. Grab ’em by Funky Taco&quot. I’m sure there are many more who feel the same. I think it’s just a matter of when and where. But I would choose that he go to prison for child molestation. That would be the best thing, because it would be the most abasing thing that could toebijten to such a wonderful man, and champ of the American Way. Maybe he could embark a fresh campaign from behind the fence and &quot,Make Prison Excellent Again!&quot,

wrenchBiscuit. I agree there is vast corruption te our government, and has bot for a very long time. Just my opinion Trump menaces the status quo. He may just be the one to gargle it all up, and bring it into the light. It’s time is it not?

I’m a skeptical that Trump is the Trojan Pony. But yes, I agree with you that it is time. Something has got to give.

&quot,Deep-throat it Up&quot, . If Sharon is suggesting Donald John Facilitated the &quot,HOSTILE Take-Over&quot, of the USA by our number one ENEMY called Russia, then YES, the United States of AMERICA has bot &quot,Throated Up&quot, Totally by &quot,Putin’s POODLE&quot,

I believe he will remain te office for 8 years. I actually closely go after the voorzitter daily itinerary, which he posts on his Facebook daily. He has bot working on his zakagenda from his very first day ter office. He has brought many fresh jobs spil well spil talked a few major businesses to keep their businesses here. He has stood his ground ter regards to Congénito, and is also working on negotiating fresh terms te regards to Gasolina. He had a very successful excursion, and made history at the Middle East Summit. I could proceed, but feel it unnecessary due to the fact many have an opposing opinions, and I respect that. I do feel with time, some may switch their negative opinion of him. If Voorzitter Trump proceeds to make progress, it may be hard for one to begrudge him credit where credit is due.

This low-life just made the fattest arms overeenkomst ter world history with the most satrapic and omkoopbaar nation on the planet. And you are providing him credit? That’s the most fascinating thing I’ve heard all day! Did U realize they R killing people?

wrenchBiscuit. Not sure where you are coming from. Actually Voorzitter Obama spil well spil Pubic hair sold Saudi Arabia arms? Infact Obama’s last arms overeenkomst ritme out Trumps very first overeenkomst? fact? (Reuters) http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-s &hellip, ty-idUSKCN

A CRITICALLY Significant Concern is TYPE of ARMz?? Will Donald John attempt Two ship Nuclear WAR-Headz Two the Saudi Princes spil he stated te his &quot,HATE Packed&quot, Campaign?? He’s DUMB & Omkoopbaar enough Two attempt

Donald voorwaarde B &quot,CONTAINED&quot, until Liquidated

Sharon, I have no love for any of thesis miscreants. They all take orders from the same shadow government. They R all murderers and tyrants. I am sure you are just another welgevoeglijk person who has bot deceived by this dog and pony showcase.

Alternative Prime. Well I guess wij will have to wait and see what type of arms the Saudis purchased. I just don’t and never will by into negative conspiracies. Egg is hard to get off one’s face.

Sharon, wij’ll never know what is SHIPPED Two the Saudi’s by a DERANGED Pseudo-President, unless of course the Overeenkomst is Cancelled after Donald John is Liquidated from OUR WH

U should DESPISE Donald, Four he is the Fattest Habitual Enmarañar on Earth

AP and Ronnie, I think that both of you are ter the wrong country. Obama and Iran. Obama and Syria, Obama, Libya etc. Obama permitting 20% of ALL US production of Uranium to Russia, a country you keuze is Evil. Uranium = Nuclear Weapons.

Brad,Obama wasgoed just another puppet. There is only one party: &quot,The United Snakes of America&quot. Republican/Democrat is just an illusion. Do you also work at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Wrong country? I got off at the wrong universe!

no. the intelligence communities around the world know how dirty he is. they just have to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. and this goes much deeper than trump. republican members of congress are also stanky. its the stanky, cranky squad! old white creeps and crooks. except for kushner. hes a youthful white crook. and a verdadero chunk of work. i just cant understand who permitted him ter there ter the 1st place. his shenanigans are documented and no secret. the ptb’s are messing with him perhaps. andwith us. he’ll be gone before the decision on climate accord. because Europeans dont want the earth to suck up or diegene, like kochs, netanyahu, putin. those sorts. bye donnie. &quot,youre fired&quot,!

At this point, I think wij can budge away from &quot,will Trump finish his term?&quot, question and to embrace the realization that he needs to be eliminated. He’s a walking, talking disaster that’s proven to be far worse than I had everzwijn imagined. He’s made comments he doesn’t love the job, and it’s apparent he doesn’t have the capability to do it. Hopefully he’ll spare us and step down, but, snake oil peddlers uncommonly abandon cold-turkey.

The ENTIRE World Exept COLLAPSING FOX Loser Network is at the same point

REMOVAL of an unimaginably incompetent, Omkoopbaar & Treasonous Loser named Donald

Manhandle of P, Obstruction, Treasonous Behavior & VIOLATING Our CONSTITUTION Four starters

Donald Trump is one of the most incompetent presidents everzwijn. Total zekering.

He has no clue about politics. This displayed on the resent G7 top and his dealings with China.

On the G7 top he thought that he could make a separate overeenkomst with Germany. That’s when you see that he has no clue how the EU works. You don’t make deals with separate countries connected with the EU. It’s all countries or non.

The same with the climate overeenkomst made te Paris. Trump thinks that he can step out of the climate overeenkomst and fix things. He can’t. It would take three to four years after the agreement came into force ter November to leave the agreement. Besides the fact that it would be stupid to do so.

Time and time again Trump shows the world that he is an fledgling politician. He has no clue about diplomacy. Trump wont make a 2nd term, let alone completing the very first one spil he has made too many enemies already (democrats and republicans alike) and he can’t play the political kampplaats spil he has no skill ter this area. To get through the white house you need more then money alone. You need political abilities to understand the relationships inbetween the different factions.

On top of that, his own business deals are compromising his function spil a voorzitter. Never before wasgoed the seat of the POTUS so misused for own interests and packing his own pockets.

No Trump has no chance of completing his very first term. May it be Rusiangate, extortion, sexual harassment or corruption.

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