Singles te America: Questions on Fellows vs

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Here is some violating news: most of your notions about singles are wrong. Even if you aren’t married, this holds true. On Feb Two nd , separates fact from fiction ter our 2nd annual Single ter America study- the largest and most comprehensive look at single life ter the U.S. today. With that te mind, our street team pounded the pavement to gather a few opinions prior to our gegevens being released, while wij determined to reach out to dating pro K. Aleisha Fetters. Wij wished to see if our street team’s findings ter the movie above were much different from our online experts thoughts on a topic that wij like to call: Dudes vs. Women.

K. Aleisha Fetters is Associate Online Editor & Dating Blogger for What do you think boys are most worried with physically: their weight, their height, or being muscular?

K. Aleisha Fetters: Their height. Many women would agree. Why do you think height trumps other physical traits that might concern dudes?

Fetters: Guys think that women won’t date them if they are brief. Who said physical appearance is more of a “must have”? te a relationship: single studs or women? Why do you think that’s the case?

Fetters: Fellows are very visual. Dr. Helen Fisher would agree on that point. Who do you think “checks out”? their dates more on Facebook, guys or women? Why do you think women engage ter this behavior?

Fetters: Women like to get more information so they can be sure that someone is a welvoeglijk man. Do you have a “detective” story you want to share?

Fetters: Don’t think so, but if I can’t find someone on Facebook or Google, it seems very strange. Who’s more comfy with PDA (public displays of affection): single guys or women?

Fetters: Women, being that they are stereotypically more lovey-dovey. So then, who do you think takes longer to recover after a breakup: guys or women?

Fetters: Women take longer to recover. What determined your reaction?

Fetters: Oxytocin [the hormone that encourages bonding].

Check back here on February Two nd to see how American singles responded to the precies same questions te our 2nd annual Singles ter America? explore.

Fine vraaggesprek. I look forward to reading the outcomes of the examine, I’d love to share it. Te fact, I just recently did a blog postbode about oxytocin. Do you have a a€?detectivea€? story you want to share?

Fetters: Dona€™t think so, but if I cana€™t find someone on Facebook or Google, it seems very strange.

Maybe unlike you that person has a life off line. I didn’t have a FB pagina until recently.

I get friend request from people I never heard of. Some people seem to think the more friends you have online the thicker your life. I’m sorry if you have 200 friends on FB you don’t have 200 existente friends. You have 200 strangers who were nice enough to click I like on your pagina. I know people who don’t have a FB pagina out of principal. I infrequently go into talk rooms because I choose to talk on the phone or face to face. Ter fact I broke up with my ex because she spent most of hier time ter talk rooms even when I traveled 200 miles to see hier. I uncommonly use my FB pagina. You won’t find much about mij on Google and FB. Dose this seem strange to you. I think people who live online are strange. There used to be some mystery involved with dating. Now people seem to think it’s weird if they don’t know your entire lifea€™s story before the very first date. Never mind the fact people can voorwaarde to be anything online especially identity thieves Thesis sties don’t vettig anyone who joins or goes to their events. Which is like laying out the welcome vloerkleed for cheating spouses and criminals looking to victimize lonely and frágil people. A member of my church wasgoed stranded out of state by a con artist he met on of thesis sites. People who run thesis sites only care about making money off of peoplea€™s lonely heats.

Sorry to hear about your practice on Facebook and online ter militar, Erik. Wishing you the best of luck te love, wherever your journey takes you.

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