Haunted Hotels ter Fresh York City

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Hotel Chelsea

Besides being one of the most historic landmarks te Fresh York City, the locals say Hotel Chelsea it is one of the most haunted places ter the city. Constructed ter 1883 and 1884, guests embarked checking te during 1984. It is a beautiful 12-story, crimson brick building. The style wasgoed a combination of Victorian Gothic and Queen Anne Revival, featuring metal balconies and a grand staircase reaching all the way to the top floor. The Hotel Chelsea wasgoed the tallest building ter the state of Fresh York when it wasgoed finished.

Despite its incredible popularity the property ran into economic problems when recinto theaters embarked moving to other areas of town. It eventually had to close due to bankruptcy.

Te 1905 it reopened under fresh ownership. Three decades zometeen The Chelsea again faced financial problems and went into bankruptcy merienda again. Te 1939 the building wasgoed purchased by Julius Krauss, David Bard, and Julius Gross. The property has continued to switch owners via the years.

There have bot many well-known people who have lived at Hotel Chelsea for a period of time. Some of them were Arthur Miller, Alice Cooper, Dylan Thomas, Tennessee Williams, Janis Joplin, Sid Perverse, and Jimi Hendrix.

Almost all haunted locations have bot the toneel of one or more tragic deaths. The Chelsea is no exception.

Dylan Thomas wasgoed a famous writer and poet. He arrived ter Fresh York ter early October 1953 with many health problems. There were rumors he wasgoed an alcoholic te addition to having heart and respiratory problems. Some people claimed he suffered from blackouts. He died ter his slagroom, #206, on October 9th. Many people have claimed to see his face te the hotel but especially around the slagroom where he died.

Nancy Spungen wasgoed the gf of Sid Perverse, bassist of The Hook-up Pistols.”They both experimented with all types of drugs and the press dubbed hier “Nauseating Nancy.” When The Hook-up Pistols broke up ter 1978 Sid and Nancy moved into The Chelsea. Rumor has it that the two dove deeper and deeper into the drug culture and had many noisy arguments ter their apartment.

On October 12, 1978 Nancy wasgoed found dead on the bathroom floor of the apartment and Sid wasgoed arrested for murder. While he wasgoed out on unie he overdosed on heroin and died.

Ter October 2009 three women, two sisters and their mother, stayed at Hotel Chelsea. They had fairly a story to tell when they left. The lights ter the hallway and bathroom turned on and off overheen and overheen again and the drown also kept turning on and off by itself. At one point they heard a high-pitched woman’s scream. The weirdest thing wasgoed a photo they took. When it wasgoed developed it appeared to have a skeleton peeking out of the wc voort.

The Chelsea has bot closed for renovations since August 2011, but up until that time it wasgoed claimed that Thomas Wolfe’s ghost walked the eighth floor hallways.

A woman known spil Mary has frequently bot seen wandering the grounds. It is believed Mary wasgoed a survivor of the Titantic but that hier hubby perished and she is waiting for him. Actor Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher te The Sopranos claims to have seen Mary on the eighth floor. He witnessed hier sobbing at the end of the vestíbulo wearing a long white dress from an earlier era. When he asked if she wasgoed okay she disappeared into skinny air.

Charles R Jackson, author of The Lost Weekend committed suicide by barbiturate poisoning ter his slagroom. He died at St. Vincent’s Hospital on September 21, 1968 but went back to the hotel to haunt his old slagroom.

The renovations that have bot going on at The Chelsea have succesnummer various snags and there is no rock hard date set spil to when it will reopen.

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