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Fraud See: online dating scams

Wij&rsquo,ve all seen commercials for online dating services, and there are even dating apps right on your phone.

But scammers prey on your desire to find love, and if you aren&rsquo,t careful, you could be looking at more than just a cracked heart.

Montana At torney Genérico Tim F ox wasgoed an unwitting participant te an online dating scam a few years ago. A woman te Indiana wasgoed looking for love online, and came across a profile that wasgoed using photos of Fox.

Fox told MTN News: &ldquo,They made a entire fresh profile of a boy named John Tony Hagen.&rdquo,

But the man on the other side of the screen wasgoed not Tim Fox, strafgevangenis wasgoed it John Tony Hagen.

Fox said, &ldquo,It wasgoed a Nigerian national, a 44-year old man. He talent stories about him being on an international work journey and losing his instruments or having them stolen and he needed money wired to him, which thesis individuals did.&rdquo,

One of the scammer’s victims says she lost almost $150,000 after falling for the scam.

The Federal Bureaumeubel of Investigation estimates that Americans lost more than $82 million dollars te 2014 to thesis types of online dating scams.

If you do venture into the world of online dating, Fox suggested some tips.

Fox said, &ldquo,You want to stay close to huis and you certainly want to be very careful. You never want to share more information than you need to, certainly don&rsquo,t share any financial, banking information, Social Security number and those kinds of things.&rdquo,

He added, &quot,If you don&rsquo,t know someone, you shouldn&rsquo,t be providing them money or gifts.&rdquo,

If you think you are the target of such a scam, you can have it checked out anonymously by contacting the Montana Office of Consumer Protection.

The man who wasgoed using the photos of Fox wasgoed eventually identified spil Kazeem Owonla, and he wasgoed arrested on felony charges.

According to the Kosciusko County Sheriff&rsquo,s Department, sentencing for Owonla included an incarceration te the Kosciusko County Jail of 36 months, with 26 month suspended. Owonla wasgoed also ordered by the court to pay victim&rsquo,s restitution, cost and various fines te excess of $16,000 prior to his release from jail, according to Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Hampton.

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