Dangers of Internet Dating -Internet Dating Dangers: Gary Moore – Nigerian Scammer

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Here is an email sent te by a reader to warn all of you about a Nigerian scammer going by the name Gary Moore:

Four comments:

Hectare! This same boy has bot sending mij the sweetest emails. I would never, everzwijn send anyone money no matter how sweet he is. When a person is too flawless, like this guys, run swift. My instinct made mij search for him and I’m glad I came across this, otherwise I could have spent hours talking to him until I figured out his spel.

Oh My this fellow also goes by the name Gary Westbrook email is [email protected] Thank Heer I never sent him anything. He told mij he wasgoed from Dallas,Texas had a son named Freddy and wasgoed a widower of 7yrs, Mother wasgoed ter UK taking care of his grandma and a dear family friend took care of Freddy te Sugarland Texas.

phone number 0116014336250 . I did a switch roles ip address and found it wasgoed a soc via california I confronted him on several occasions about why his stories always switched and why his email wasgoed thru another persons name, then a lady answered his phone he told mij not worry that the network there wasgoed terrible and calls always get wrong connections.I had bot receiving sweet letters for 2yrs. told mij he loved mij and desired to marry mij and that his business shipment got lost he wasgoed arrested with 1million usd but lost it due to him having no travel papers or id so he can not leave til case is closed. even had some phoney lawyer call mij. he had given up on mij for about 1yr them I got a text message and I sent him a texted copy of his scam . never again heard from him til Christmas he texted mij Merry Christmas I adjusted my phone call setting so my number did not showcase and sent the text back telling you have the wrong number and wrong person for I do not know anyone named Gary Westbrook. blocked his email address also. He even sent mij a MBE address if I everzwijn felt like sending him a bounty and I told him he’s crazy if he’s expects anything from mij. end of scam dinastía.

I think that I am dealing with this stud who goes by the name of Gary Moore, born te Berlin, Germany but lives te Akron, Ohio. Same spil above sweet nothings and wants to marry mij. Now he is stuck ter Nigeria and needs money to begin up road construction project. Only bought his debit card and can not get money spil they do not have facilities to do that. Could I lend him $20, 000 usd then went down to $500usd now just needs money to pay hotel bill. Ask him to send mij a selfie of himself, talent mij the runaround and today sent a picture but I am sure it does not look like him. The fellow te the photos on his FB pagina just does not seem like he is a scammer but then I guess you never know. Does anyone know how to find out who a picture is of?

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