But very first, take this brief Interviewing Quiz.

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Answers that Win Job Offers

Do you know the best answers to use for both common and uncommon job interviewing questions? Would you like to know the answers that win the most job offers? Then you are te the right place. How do I know thesis answers are the best?

• Because I spent more than twenty years counseling and advising executives, managers and others who had bot downsized, outsized, right-sized, riffed (‘Reducation in Force’), terminated, laid off, even ‘fumigated.’ Yes, I swear, that wasgoed what one company told those they let go – you have bot ‘fumigated.’

• Because spil a senior corporate executive and executive coach, I have written dozens of training manuals and introduced numerous seminars on “Interviewing Abilities for Managers.” I have heard or have asked almost all the questions, and have learned which answers are terrible or trite or meaningless or superlative. That’s what this is all about – superlative answers to common and uncommon interviewing questions. Answers that can win you that job suggest.

This reaction is assured not to win a job opoffering.

Now I have taken a brief sabbatical from interviewing dead celebrities (Genghis Khan), very weird animals (proboscis monkey) and psychic vegetables who rhyme to share what I have learned with you. This is the very first ter a series of hubs designed to give you the proven best answers to the interviewing questions you are most likely to encounter.

But very first, I want to share the strangest and most uncommon vraaggesprek question I wasgoed everzwijn asked. And my response.

Fine Vraaggesprek Answers

Tell Mij about Myself

“Tell mij about myself.” I wasgoed interviewing for a senior executive position te marketing and that had to be the most unusual question I everzwijn heard from an interviewer. Wij had bot talking for just a few minutes when he asked it. What te the world did he mean? Wasgoed he attempting to ask, “Tell mij about yourself,” and he got confused? It wasgoed post–lunch and he may have imbibed a martini … or two.

Te order to buy some time to ponder, I repeated his question: “Tell you about yourself?” And he repeated his question again, “Tell mij about myself.” That wasgoed it.

Okay, I silently said to myself, enough with the stalling tactic, I’ve got to reaction his question. I looked around his office quickly to pick up some more visual clues and then replied something like the following:

“You emerge to be an experienced and savvy interviewer (a few compliments can’t hurt) because you smiled, got up from your desk and came to meet mij at the voort to wiggle forearms, to help establish rapport and waterput mij at ease. Then you led mij to a seat te one of two chairs ter vooraanzicht of your desk and you sat down te the other one. This eliminated the barrier of the desk.

You also emerge to be very organized, (I refrained from using the term, ‘rectal’) with several folders stacked neatly on the side of your desk, and no other miscellaneous paperwork to be seen. The folder you are now holding may contain my resume.

There is a photo of an attractive (fair-looking) woman with two children on your desk so if this is your office, that may be a photo of your family. Your stance is exceptionally good so you may have spent time te the service.”

Because his question wasgoed so unusual and I wasgoed downright unprepared to response it, I have never forgotten that question strafgevangenis the interviewer. I realized afterward that asking mij that unexpected question did help to establish rapport quickly. Our vraaggesprek lasted more than one hour. When the vraaggesprek ended, I asked why he had asked that particular question.

His reply: “I wished to see how well you react to a situation which is unrehearsed – it helps mij see several things: how perceptive you are, how well you communicate, and if you can think on your feet.” Since then, I always use that question and that treatment when I am interviewing someone.

And oh, yes, I did get a job offerande.

When you vraaggesprek someone, please be my guest and feel free to ask, “Tell mij about myself.”

Vraaggesprek Question #1 – Tell Mij about Yourself

Do you know why this question is so popular with interviewers? The response is ordinary. But very first, take this brief Interviewing Quiz. Twelve interviewing questions are listed below. Let’s role play. You are an interviewer and you are interviewing an applicant. Write down the numbers of the questions you should not ask a job applicant to avoid discrimination charges.

7. Where were your parents born?

8. What is the origin of your last name?

9. What kinds of health problems do you or have you had?

Ten. Do you rent or own your huis?

11. Have you everzwijn bot a member of a union organization?

12. Have you everzwijn bot arrested?

Interviewing Quiz

1. What year did you graduate from high schoolgebouw?

Two. (To a female) Would you like to be called, “Miss, Mrs. or Ms.?”

Trio. Will you proceed to work merienda you begin a family?

Four. How many children (or grandchildren) do you have?

Five. Do you have reliable child care?

6. What does your spouse do for a living?

Is this discrimination or what?

The Illegal Questions

Which numbers did you write down for questions you should not ask? If you wrote: “all of them,” you are juist. When you have the chance to vraaggesprek, please do NOT ask any of thesis questions. They can get you te trouble. They are the so-called “illegal questions” – questions that could be considered discriminatory.

Note: The questions themselves are not illegal. But if you ask one of them and the candidate does not land the job, he or she may be able to vertoning that the failure to hire decision wasgoed based on their response.

To refresh your memory, here is a list of the areas involved te the “illegal questions” – the questions knowledgeable interviewers are careful not to ask:

Age … Wedren or color … Marital status … Number of children … Occupation of spouse … National origin … Religion … Sexual orientation … State of health … Disabilities … Financial affairs … Memberships ter organizations … Criminal record.

Now, eventually, here is the ordinary reaction why interviewers are so fond of the question, “Tell mij about yourself … “ It is the easiest and safest way to elicit private information without asking any discriminatory questions.

Getting that Job Suggest

The Reaction to: &ldquo,Tell mij about yourself&rdquo,

You – “What specifically would you like to know?”

Interviewer (who will not give up) – “Whatever you would like to tell mij about yourself … “

Note: This is the chance you have bot waiting for. You have ready your own half-minute commercial, practiced it beforehand and can now recite some of the reasons you are the best person for the job based on your education and previous accomplishments.

You – “Would you like to know more about the awards I won te my last position … my achievements spil Director of … the manual I wrote about … the number of fresh employees I trained …?” State your case assertively with confidence.

Keep it impersonal and businesslike, elaborate on your achievements that getraind this job, and do NOT divulge private information that you do not wish to share.

Note: Be careful. If the “Tell mij about yourself” question doesn’t get enough tasty individual information, you may be asked at some point straks ter the vraaggesprek: “What else should I know about you?” Describe more of your accomplishments or latest learning practices.

The next hub te this series (Part Two) will concentrate on the two job interviewing questions almost every interviewer will ask and the best answers for you to give to: “What are your strengths?” and “What are your weaknesses?”

Dearest interviewing joke #1

The guardian for a mentally ill relative wasgoed interviewing the Director of a well-known mental institution. The very first question he asked wasgoed, “What are the criteria which define whether or not a patient should be institutionalized?”

“Well,” said the Director, “we pack up a bathtub with water. Then wij offerande a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or hier to empty the bathtub.”

”I see,” said the guardian. “A sane person would use the bucket because it’s thicker than the spoon or the teacup.”

“No,” said the Director, “a sane person would pull the cork! Do you want your bedding near the ingevolge or the window?”

В© Copyright BJ Rakow, Ph.D. 2011. All rights reserved. Author, “Much of What You Know about Job Search Just Ain’t So”

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