Top Five Best Sims Three Expansions, LevelSkip

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Amanda has bot a Simmer (fan of The Sims games) since childhood. To this day she still detects fresh ways to play and writes to share them.

With the 2014 release of the fresh (and slightly controversial among ventilatoren) life-simulation PC spel The Sims Four, its predecessor is now considered outdated by some. True, The Sims Three will no longer have any fresh releases – not ter the form of expansion packs, stuff packs, or even fresh Sims store content. But The Sims Trio ended with 11 expansions and 9 stuff packs total. Fairly a massive spel all together, I’d say!

And just because The Sims Four is suggesting a fresh and different way to play doesn’t mean you should zekering playing The Sims Three. There are fundamental differences ter spel play that make both The Sims Trio and The Sims Four worthy of your attention at the same time, just spil with The Sims Two vs The Sims Trio.

Actually, many ventilatoren compare The Sims Four to The Sims Two ter terms of likeness when it comes to playing style. The Sims Three wasgoed a world of its own. Poor diferente The Sims, everyone seems to have forgotten you except to look back with nostalgia.

If you’re determined to consistently stir onward te your Sims gaming without looking back, I’m sure you’ll have a good time. For those of us who either choose not to (or cannot) play The Sims Four or who want to keep both versions te our lives or those who simply wish to concentrate on The Sims Three for the time being, which Sims Trio expansion packs should you look into purchasing (or keeping, if you’re intending to downgrade your spel to free up slagroom on your PC for The Sims Four)?

The following Sims expansions packs significantly alter The Sims Three te numerous ways, so that playing is never fairly the same after installation.


Summary: The 2nd Sims Trio expansion, Ambitions, introduces fresh careers options to our Sims and the capability to assist them ter their careers while they’re actually working. Previous The Sims games left career work to huis life. Wij could help Sims build abilities and make friends, but while they went off to their jobs wij had to sit and twiddle our thumbs. Ter the beginning of The Sims Three wij could at least select options such spil “Work Hard” or “Business spil Usual”, providing us some input into how our Sims’ work days went. But now, with The Sims Trio Ambitions expansion, wij can actively go after our Sims to work ter certain career pathways and control how the day (or night) goes, witnessing everything the characters get up to.

Extra Additions: Inventing, Detonation, Sculpting, Tattoos, the Eco-Friendly Trait, Meteor Death

Late Night

Summary: Late Night is the third Sims Three expansion. A downtown/nightlife style of play is re-introduced to the world of The Sims. Clubs, group outings of up to eight Sims, vampires, and apartments are just some of the fresh lumps of play. The Celebrity system is also introduced, permitting Sims to rise te the social ranks amongst their peers. You can integrate clubs and apartments into any Sims world (aka neighborhood), but live te Bridgeport for the total practice of Sims late night life.

Extra Additions: Bridgeport (a fresh town based on Los Angeles), the Bashful and Starlet Quality Traits, Speelfilm Career, Fresh Lifetime Prizes, Breast and Muscle Adjustment, Zodiac Signs


Summary: The fourth The Sims Trio expansion pack concentrates on the various stages of life. If you’re a family-focused Simmer then this is the EP for you. It combines elements from a large multitude of expansions seen te The Sims Two and takes them one step further. Children develop imaginations, teenagers can rebel, adults (‘youthfull’ and ‘old’) detect the desire for family and marriage if their traits are suitable for this lifestyle, and elder Sims practice the “Golden Years.” And observe out for that midlife depressie!

Extra Additions: Figure Hair, Rebellious Trait, Nurturing Trait, Shower WooHoo, After-School Activities, Memories, Prom, Pranks, Boarding Schoolgebouw


Summary: Spil you might guess, The Sims Trio Supernatural expansion pack is designed to drastically alter the Sims world into one of full-on fantasy. If this doesn’t appeal to you, DO NOT install this spel! If you’re all for vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, and fairies then you’ll love this Sims Trio expansion. Boy do they take overheen the spel however! Everywhere you go you’ll see Sims with fairy wings, Sims who can’t stay out te the zon too long, Sims who get a little hairy merienda a month. You can, gratefully, select an option to zekering certain supernatural creatures from creeping into your neighborhood however, spil well spil altering the moon stage settings. But if you don’t, witness out for those zombies come the utter moon.

Extra Additions: Moonlight Falls (a fresh supernatural-themed town), Alchemy Skill, Traits: Supernatural Fan or Skeptic/Night Owl/Brooding/Gatherer/Decent, Broomstick Travel, Magical Items


Summary: Weather! But the eighth Sims Trio EP is more than just snow and rain (and hail and fog and thunderstorms. ). It creates entire “seasons” for the Sims to participate te. Each season has its own festival (generic substitutes for commonly recognized holidays, such spil Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day) with suitable activities. Fall includes a haunted house, summer has water balloon fights, winter permits for ice skating, and spring features an egg hunt! You’ll also be able to throw fresh types of parties to match, such spil costume parties or feast parties.

Extra Additions: Loves the Cold, Loves the Warmth, Swimming ter the Ocean, Colds, Tans, Lightning (spil te, struck by), Shorter Winter Days and Longer Summer Days, Aliens, Holidays

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