Pennsylvania Bigfoot, the Jacobs Photos and More – Do you Believe

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Strange Happenings ter NW Pennsylvania ter the early 1980s

Ter the early 1980’s, I dated an avid hunter who supplemented his income by hunting, tanning and selling raccoon pelts. If you are a coon hunter, you spend many nights ter the forest among nocturnal wildlife. This man had bot hunting raccoons from a youthfull age and he wasgoed casero with the glances and sounds of the forest at night. One night, ter Venango County, Pennsylvania at place he called the “S” arch, he heard a scream unlike anything he had yet to hear while hunting. It made even this raunchy dude’s hair stand up and all the more so when he couldn’t locate his hounds. He eventually found them shivering with fright ter the back of his pickup truck huddled ter their dog boxes. He didn’t waste any time leaving the area.

Eventually, they would surmise that the scream had come from a big cat located te the area and that might be the end of the story, if a nearby “S” arch resident and fellow hunter hadn’t demonstrated him a Polaroid of a large footprint he found ter the mud on an old logging road close by. Overheen 30 years ago, I spotted this Polaroid and listened to their stories – perhaps that’s when I developed a strange curiosity about Bigfoot.

Doesn’t Bigfoot live te California and Oregon?

When wij think of Bigfoot, wij usually think of what’s commonly known spil the Patterson/Gimlin speelfilm. This famous lump wasgoed slok ter October 1967 with a 16 MM camera by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin te California at a place known spil Baladronada Creek. The story goes that the two studs went looking for Bigfoot after road construction workers had discovered large human-like tracks te the area. The Patterson/Gimlin footage, now the most famous Bigfoot footage, shows a large apelike creature walking, long arms swinging, away from the camera – turning merienda to pensively see who is following. Shortly thereafter, the footage leaps insanely spil Patterson, a former rodeo cowboy, claims to have bot thrown from the pony he is railing. Albeit there has bot much discussion and analysis, the authenticity of the footage has never bot proven or disproven.

So what is going on ter Pennsylvania?

But that is California and I live te Pennsylvania. Animal Planet’s Bigfoot researchers have slok gigs researching possible bigfoot footage taken close to Fresh York City and footage obtained ter Salt Fork State Park (Ohio). Both states border Pennsylvania, so many have questioned, “What about Pennsylvania?” Could our state harbor Bigfoot spil well?

The Paps Bigfoot Society wasgoed founded ter 1998 by Steve Anderson and Henry Benton whose members investigate submitted reports and conduct research ter the state of Pennsylvania. Their webpagina boasts numerous Bigfoot sightings dating back years and said sightings are categorized by county. You’d be astonished where people keuze to have seen or heard the creature.

Perhaps the most famous Pennsylvania sighting wasgoed not with the naked eye and comes to us from Elk County, Pennsylvania. Te 2007, deer hunter Rick Jacobs captured the still of a strange creature from a trail cam he mounted on a tree and wasgoed monitoring. The animal te the photographs wasgoed dubbed, “Jacobs Creature”. According to reports, “The Pennsylvania Spel Commission said that photos the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization claimed demonstrated a juvenile Bigfoot were most likely of a bear with mange.” The story wasgoed picked up by the Associated Press and eventually the photos embarked being broadcast on CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC and Fox News.

Many articles and Wiki’s on the Web point to a writer, researcher and verslaggever from Duke University named Vanessa Forest, who they purport wrote an article that demonstrated that the proportions of the Jacobs creature were not similar to a bears. The article appeared te a tv-programma for children called, Scientriffic. I have visited Vanessa’s Webstek and she is who she says she is having much practice with primates and primate research, however, I wasn’t able to obtain a copy of the article online.

So does Bigfoot live closer to us physically than wij originally thought? And are wij any closer to knowing whether this crypto zoological animal truly exists? One popular scientific device, DNA analysis, may have the answers.

Will DNA evidence waterput the punt to surplus?

Making headlines ter May 2012 on, researchers from Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology are asking anyone with a collection of cryptozoological material to submit descriptions of it. According to the article, “The researchers will then ask for hair and other samples for genetic identification.” It shows up some scientists want to waterput the entire “Bigfoot” kwestie to surplus merienda and for all and geneticist Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford is posing the challenge. “I’m challenging and inviting the cryptozoologists to come up with the evidence instead of complaining that science is rejecting what they have to say,” says Sykes.

After all, who can argue with science?

Do you believe?

Spil for this writer, on November 11 th , much to the chagrin of my friends and family, I let my curiosity get the best of mij and tuned into the latest season of Finding Bigfoot. I didn’t find it much different from the previous seasons with a loterijlot of eyewitness testimony and not much else. Just for joy, I’ll very likely tune ter for the next gig – at least until science disproves the existence of Bigfoot merienda and for all.

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