Te addition, more and more cases are being brought to the forefront of the mainstream media and rightly so.

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Female Manhandle

There is presently a major bias within society and within the justice systems that leans towards the belief that most abusers are masculine and that most victims of manhandle are female. However, latest research actually indicates that the opposite may be the case and it seems that women are increasingly taking on the role of being the abuser.

The very first official source that I’ve noticed who have now actually began acknowledging this fact is the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) ter their latest television advert which shows an picture of a bruised child along with the caption How can Jack take another hammering from his mum? Ter addition, more and more cases are being brought to the forefront of the mainstream media and rightly so.

I personally reminisce a few years ago explaining to my own mother some of the incidents that I had witnessed and bot subject to ter my own life. She didn’t believe a word of it, a mother would never be capable of such manhandle towards their own children te my mother’s opinion. I had to sit down and explain to hier ter superb detail that with many of thesis cases the motherly unie is just not there, it’s not present.

Many charities and organizations optie to help masculine victims of domestic violence. However, upon actually attempting to seek this help there shows up to be very little help available. Thesis types of organizations are usually mainly focused at women whilst studs te abusive relationships are seen spil powerless and are commonly turned away.

There is a twisted logic and bias to society which presumes that dudes should be able to overeenkomst with manhandle. The fact is that nobody is worth to be manhandled or turned away when seeking help and long-term manhandle of any kleintje can cause severe psychological verwonding leading to mental illness, anxiety, poor health and even strokes and heart attacks. Being made to face up to the manhandle is not help.

Despite the also very common belief that most narcissists are boys, thesis women seem to be spread far and broad and are crafty, deceitful and manipulative and gravely lack empathy for their own offspring. The common act of paternity fraud shows this accurately indicating that up to 30% of fathers who get a paternity test for their child turn out to not actually be the biological father of the child.

Given the twisted logic and switch roles psychology mechanism of narcissistic manhandle doesn’t it seem obligatorio that the most narcissistic gender te society would manipulate the situation to make the opposite gender look like the bad guys? (this is speculation on my part, not fact).

A explore of 11,000 guys and women wasgoed conducted by the Harvard Medical Schoolgebouw and US Center for Disease Control. The examine indicated that 24% of heterosexual relationships had involved some kleuter of manhandle.

Half of thesis relationships were shown to have involved reciprocal violence (manhandle from both sides) whilst the other half showcased that the non-reciprocal violence (attacking very first) wasgoed initiated by the female members of the relationships. The fact is that masculine victims of domestic manhandle wrongly suffer from gender bias despite the suitable research indicating the accomplish opposite.

Another explore which wasgoed part of the National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center indicates that there is more manhandle/violence te lesbo relationships than there is te heterosexual relationships also portraying that most abusers are female.

The studies clearly display that women are more abusive than boys and that 70% of non-reciprocal manhandle is actually initiated by women. Further research conducted by the University of Florida shows that women are 70% more likely to physically/sexually manhandle their own children than fellows.

It is well known that whereas a man has the physique and necessary strength to protect and provide for his family, a woman is naturally more psychologically and emotionally defensive and is therefore more likely to employ deceit and manipulation te order to protect themselves (narcissism) whereas a man may resort to physical violence. This explains why most physical abusers tend to be masculine and most emotional/mental abusers tend to be female.

There is one main and very significant difference inbetween thesis two types of manhandle. Physical harm results te physical scars whereas emotional and mental scars remain invisible except to the victim who often completes up remaining silent because they know from the commence that they most likely won’t be believed.

Mental/emotional abusers get away with their acts much more commonly than physical abusers do.

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