Biased ter the way that.

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November Legitimate, 2013

Let’s just get began. I mean congrats on being a nice kid, but are you truly attempting to attract that&hellip,

Dear Eharmony, Fuck you.

January 26, 2011

I’m Too Brief To Date: Statistically Speaking – Movie

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Last week, I wasgoed honored to have bot selected to speak at the Inflame San Diego event. What is Inflame San Diego you ask? Good question, and honestly, I had never even heard of thesis types of events before, but someone on twitter suggested I apply to present, so I looked more into it. Kindle.

I Want to Send you Flowers for Valentine’s Day, Yes You.

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So here’s the thing, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching at the fatal speed of one 2nd vanaf 2nd, with every 2nd that passes by. Ter fact with every word and sentence you read, means the day of hallmark styled coerced love is closer and closer. It’s science. Despite what you may think because of your.

How to Write the Volmaakt Very first Message

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Okay, I’m just going to admit it, and come out and say it. The very first thing you read ter the postbode wasgoed a bold face lie. I don’t actually know “How to Write the Volmaakt Very first Message”, and since I’m being fair, the title of this postbode is mostly for SEO reasons. I need this.

Worst Date Story Contest

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I want to hear your horrible, awful, funny, ridiculous dating stories. I want to hear about your worst date everzwijn.And I want to illustrate it for you! Well, by “illustrate” I mean smack together some stock graphics te photoshop or make crappy memes about your story. It doesn’t need to be long or that involved.

Attractive Boys Are Butt holes

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Where to start, where to begin….this is either going to be one of the smartest things I’ve everzwijn written, or a duo hundred words of unspoiled word vomit that everyone hates. I guess I’ll commence off by telling this blog isn’t going to be spil biased spil you may think. Biased ter the way that.

It’s , Now What?

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So, here wij are. Two thousand, fucking, fifteen. The fucking future. It’s crazy, I thought I’d be writing this blog from a moon saco, while my space kids play outside on their iPhone 7s. I guess not. I’m still te San Diego. I’m still single. It feels oddly corriente. I don’t know, I can’t indeed articulate.

I’m Too Brief To Date: Statistically Speaking

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Let mij just commence off by telling this postbode isn’t going to be packed with earth shattering paradigm shifting ideas. It’s not. What this blog IS going to be is stating the visible, BUT it’s going to be stating the demonstrable and backing it up with statistical gegevens. So here it is, I hope you’re.

Bro Shaming – The Introduction

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I’m kicking off something fresh and I’m not sure if this is the best idea I’ve everzwijn, or possible the worst idea I’ve everzwijn had. But I think, I think I have to do it. I think? WHAT IS IT you ask? Well, let mij ask the ladies a question: How you have you received an.

When is it okay to fade out of a relationship?

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Here’s the punch line, here’s the question: Has anyone you’ve everzwijn dated, just kleuter of disappeared? Like they stopped responding to your text messages and that’s how you “ended it”? “Ended it” is ter quotes because if you end the “relationship” like this, you most likely aren’t violating up anything. It’s more like you very likely just.

What’s the Rush?

Hello. Welcome. Have a seat. So, spil I type this, and you are now reading this, I am sitting te my living slagroom, work clothes have bot eliminated, there’s a delicious looking and heavenly smelling, California burrito next to my laptop, and Modern Family is playing ter the background. Now you may think, this is…

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